Working Dogs of the Eastern Sierra


Stories and photographs of the real dogs who work on the east side of the Sierra Nevada in California. You will fall in love with these special hard-working canines.


These hard-working dogs work in snow and dust. They entertain and save us. They protect us and guard our livestock. They comfort us and find our loved ones. They live to work, and their loyalty and dedication inspire us.

Meet Rusty, the cattle dog with grit, who relishes his dangerous, thirsty work; King, the first avalanche rescue dog on Mammoth Mountain; Willow who has been winning agility championships for the past five years; Tinker, the yellow Lab puppy already in training as a guide dog for the blind; globe-trotting Buster who traveled for his job as a human remains detection dog; Smalls the Singer whose vocal talents keep his humans entertained; Whoopie who started the therapy dog program on the Eastside; Katie, the Great Pyrenees whose adventures took her far up and down US Highway 395; Tara who found a loving family when she retired after years as a police dog; and many more…